Before you Start Selling Online

To have a successful online business, it is important to start with some of the basics of what it entails to have any business.  There are legal requirements and contracts specific to each case which must be understood and followed. Logistics such as costs for things like, shipping, interface setup, secure payments and technical maintenance must be in place before you begin.

Here is a list of items to have in place to before an online store is launched:

1. Legal requirements for e-business
2. The best Marketplace for your product / service
3. Storefront Options
4. Costs associated with Selling online (so you can price your products and services accordingly)
5. Payments & Security
6. Shipping & Handling (Fulfillment)
7. Storage & Facilities (Fulfillment)
8. Marketing (How are you going be found online)
9. IT Infrastructure
10. Customer Service
11. Finance & Administration
12. Selling Outside of Canada