Adding Content

There are four ways to add content to Shopify.

  1. Products: items sold in your store
  2. Pages: static pages like About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Shipping Policy, etc.
  3. Posts: dynamic posts, functions like a blog and used as a powerful marketing tool.
  4. Files: These are files uploaded to your site for use on Posts and Pages and include images, documents, etc.

It is important to understand the difference between these so that you can manage your store with ease.


Here is how Shopify describes Products:

A product is an individual item for sale in a Shopify store. Products are often physical goods, but they can also be a digital download (such as a movie, music or ebook file), or a service (equipment rental, work for hire, customization of another product or an extended warranty).

Shopify keeps track of all of your products and their inventory on your admin panel’s products page. The products page is where you can:

  • Add a product to your store.
  • Click the name of a product to edit product details.
  • Manage inventory of products and change available quantities.

Other features on the admin panel product page include:

Here is how Shopify describes Pages:

Shopify comes with a web page creation tool. Pages are very useful for providing information to customers about store, policies, contact information, etc.

Your Shopify store comes with a default About Us page visible in the Navigation Menu. You can edit the name of the link by going to the Navigation page section in your shop admin and editing the Main Menu link list. You can also edit the content of a page.

From the Pages tab you can:

Here is how Shopify describes Posts:

Your Shopify store comes with out of the box blogging tools!

To discover how great blog content can increase your ecommerce sales, check out this blog post.

Use blog posts to:

Here is how Shopify describes Files:

Shopify stores your file uploads in the Files screen. You can add these files to your products, collections, pages and blog posts.

You can upload files the following formats .pdf, .txt, .doc and images as: .jpg, .gif and .png.

Files are really content, but they are accessed from the Settings tab. From the Files page you can do the following:

  • Upload new files and browse the library of previously uploaded files.
  • Click the trash icon to remove files.
  • Click on image links to edit them.
  • Copy URLs for files to hyperlink them from Products, Pages, Posts, Emails, etc.
  • Perform Bulk actions to delete many files at once.