Store Settings

Shopify Store Settings – a closer look

The admin panel settings tabs are accessed by going to Settings.

1. General: store details like name, account email, store address, etc.
2. Payments providers: settings for accepting credit cards, PayPal, etc.
3. Checkout: settings for enabling/disabling customer accounts, for how you process orders, generating refunds, privacy & TOS.
4. Shipping: configure shipping settings like shipping rates, manual shipping settings, carrier-calculated shipping and fulfillment services.
5. Taxes: configure tax rates and settings and add tax overrides.
6. Locations: configure locations for keeping inventory, sales and fulfillment.
7. Notification: configure notification emails sent to you and customers.
8. Files: where you can add documents, images and videos so you can link to them from your pages and posts. This excludes products.
9. Sales Channels: configure and manage where you sell your products, such as: online store, Facebook shop, Instagram, Amazon, etc..
10. Account: where you can manage your Shopify account and grant access to staff and developers.
11. Billing: manage your billing details and view your Shopify subscription invoices.
12. Legal: configure your stores ‘terms of use’ and ‘policies’ for customers.

Setting Details

General settings
Payments settings
Checkout settings
Shipping settings
Taxes settings
Notification settings
Domain settings
Files settings
Account settings