Shipping Settings

Access: On control panel menu go to Settings > Shipping

Manage store details like

– Store’s shipping profiles: Where you ship and shipping fees. Set different rates for different products, or regions.

– Click Manage rates to add shipping rates for provinces and states, countries, local pickup and create your own custom shipping. You can also set rates for certain products, and manage your store’s shipping address.

Store’s shipping package details are configured here.

Store’s shipping labels details are configured using this module. Buy and print shipping labels at a discounted rate.

– Packing slips are configured and created here. A packing slip is a list of items that are being shipped, and is placed inside the package.

– Accounts and integrations settings for carriers like FedEx and Canada Post are configured here if you have a plan that includes this option.

Click Manage integrations for Carrier account settings and settings for Custom order fulfillment, if you use these services. You can configure 3rd party calculated rates here (depends on account type).


More about Shipping Settings on Shopify

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